Where to begin?

In forthcoming posts, there will be issues that make uncomfortable reading, some may stir painful memories for you the reader, every thing is painful to our family.
Some issues may ring true with other families’ experiences.
Some readers may chose to comment, some may offer advice, etc.
All are welcomed.

All people named in this place, will be named on the basis of evidence. Not one accusation made will be without foundation and most can be backed up by written and/or recorded evidence.

This website is not here to¬†attack on the NHS. I have no doubt that many staff within it’s employment, in all it’s forms are completely honourable and carry out their work with the upmost diligence and care.
In our experience, there are two types of NHS staff.
Those on the frontline, the nurses and the GPs that the public most associate with the service.
Then we have those holding senior positions within Health Trusts and the consultants that make the decisions that can lead to life or death.

All staff, in what ever role, need to be accountable. It’s as simple as that.
Before a negligence case can be put to a court, frontline staff have to be shown to have been negligent. This is wrong. It does nothing to support those whom we all see on our visits to hospitals and GP surgeries. It merely provides another level of cover for those instructing them.
A nurse may well not take a blood glucose sample (as is standard practise) if those above have diagnosed a different medical condition exists, then the nurses are instructed or not told to, test the blood glucose.

This doesn’t make the nurse negligent in the eyes of the law, so protects those higher up whom are pulling the strings and making the calls.
I hope that makes sense?